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Green Smoke Coupon Codes
Did you know you can get a sweet discount and save more than 10% on your orders at

Use Green Smoke Coupon above at checkout for an instant 10% off your orders that are over $100. It's really simple and completely free. All customers are eligible for this coupon. Just use during checkout and it will deduct automatic savings.
Green Smoke Coupon: DISC10-29074 - 10% Off Orders Over $100
Use Green Smoke Coupon: DISC5-29074 at checkout for an instant 5% off your orders that are under $100. This coupon is also free and available to all customers that shop at
Green Smoke Coupon: DISC5-29074 - 5% Off Orders Under $100
Why Are There 2 Different Green Smoke Coupon Codes?
Green Smoke has made to different unique coupons so that customers have the option to save money, no matter how much they spend.

When they offered the 10% off discount it was only available to customers that decided to spend $100 or more.

Then they decided to become even more generous by offering customers to save no matter the spending limit. So they came out with the 5% off coupon for any customer that spent less than $100. The end result of this was happy customers :)
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Exclusive 2013 Green Smoke Coupons:

With the Green Smoke Coupon your order will be allowed to receive a discount off everything with no restrictions. There is No Minimum purchase and the coupon never expires. You may use it over and over again for every order you make. This Green Smoke coupon is always available worldwide. It will work for all Green Smoke orders in the US and in the UK.
10% OFF Everything
No Minimum - No Restrictions - Never Expires
Valid In All Countries - US, UK, ETC

Other Green Smoke Coupons
Not Recommended

15% OFF Everything + Free Shipping
No Minimum - No Restrictions

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